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Those of you that know me, know I've made no secret of my struggles with Anxiety and Depression. For me the greatest gift I have is my ability to get lost in my art. It doesn't matter if I'm happy or miserable, if I can draw, it is the ultimate distraction for my racing brain.

That is why day one of the Corona virus lock down flew by for me! The reason for this was that I got lost in my little mural art project in the back yard. So I figure if anyone’s struggling and in need of distractions, or has children to occupy during lock down, what better than a little colouring in...

So what I'm doing is posting a new page for you to download and colour in everyday of the lock down, this gives me a routine and you something new to look forward to each day. 

Daryn Mcbride - Enjoy

*Below is a little clip I did for Movember talking about my life with mental health. To find out more (Click Here)

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