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I'm often asked if I do any art that's not surf themed?And the short answer is YES...

The following Gallery's a collection of some of my favorite illustrations. Some of these are commissioned illustrations, others are pieces I've produced as an Art Student submitting to a brief or just as a personal expression. It was as a student that I found my biggest influence in the arts, my illustration tutor was the exceptionally talented artist James Ormsby. James bushed me to push myself, to let go and loosen up my style, but above all he encouraged me to attend every life drawing class I could get to, and I went, I was doing a diploma in Graphic Design, our year was allocated 2 hours per week for life drawing, I would attend the sessions for for other 2 other groups plus lunch time sessions, an average of 10 hours drawing the human form each week, My ability to draw absolutely anything at all grew so much through this time, and its through my mentors advice, as an adult student with a strong desire to learn to draw that I realized my dream, I produced a photo realistic sketch titled Slick 5 for Lower Apparel.

So the point being, I feel in surfing I'm seen as a longboarder, but I'd like to think I can ride any board, any size, big or small, and as an artist I'm pigeon holed as a Surf Artist when I see myself as an all round creative, and surf art is just one of the styles I continue to evolve. I still really enjoy life drawing and once the lock down is over I hope to pick up my pencils, charcoals and chalks and start keep tuning my skills...

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